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Uncover The Secrets To Creating Wealth In Self Storage

Paper Abstract


We Reject the status quo, and proudly proclaim that an ordinary life is unacceptable.  We refuse to accept society's idea that it's normal to work 40, 50 or 60 hours per week, year after year; in hopes of someday maybe buying our freedom back.  Instead, we use ordinary self storage garages to create extraordinary lives for ourselves!  We encourage, educate, and empower each other. We push boundaries, live differently, and achieve at the highest levels. We are Storage Rebels! If this sounds like you, I hope you'll join us!

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A Genuine Mastermind Experience To Give You The Education, Encouragement and Empowerment You Need To Create The Extraordinary Life You've Been Waiting For!

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Chris Storage Rebellion

''I dove into self storage investing because I was confident it was an incredible vehicle to help me create more time, wealth and freedom in my life. With Mikes help and The Storage Rebellion training programs, I've gone on to purchase 3 storage deals in less than 12 months using none of my own money! In this time frame storage has helped me pay off a LOT of personal debt and put my family and I in a more comfortable financial position. What I love most about this niche is how slow moving and forgiving it is. It only takes me an hour or two per week to manage my facility remotely from home! Super grateful for this experience and the life storage is providing for us and I couldn't of done it without Mike and The Storage Rebellion! Thank you for everything! - Chris

Jon Farling Storage Rebellion

''Mike Wagner’s Storage Rebellion has been a key factor in my recent success in Self Storage. While I did try 2 other programs, they all fall short of The Storage Rebellion. The information, guidance and detail sharing in The Storage Rebellion has guided me through purchasing 2 Storage Facilities within 6 months and currently in discussion on 4 other facilities. My Cash Flow has 10x’d within that timeframe as I pivot from Single Family Rentals to Storage. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to get into Self Storage! - Thanks!'' - Jon Farling

Shane Chapin Storage Rebellion

“I am very excited to announce that we have closed on our first Self Storage Facility! The value add facility is located in Kingstree, SC and has 72 units with just over 10,000 square feet. Special shout out to Mike Wagner and The Storage Rebellion for providing the training, support and better yet, the amazing platform that has allowed us all to come together to collaborate and make this possible. Together Everyone Achieves More” -Shane

Brett Storage Rebel

''Thank you Mike for helping me change my life! With your support and all the information you provided, I had the confidence to get into the self storage business. I purchased a facility several states away and started construction right after purchase. I added an additional 6,000 sq ft of new storage and I opened the new units up for rent just last week. I'm excited to see them fill up and expand again to meet future demand. I'm looking forward to applying the knowledge Mike has taught me through his program to further expand my self storage business.'' - Brent

Storage Investing Success Stories

“I bought my first piece of real estate at age 19 and instantly fell in love with owning real estate. Every morning since then I wake up and ask myself one question “how can I grow my portfolio?” Today at 25 years old I just went under contract on my third storage facility to add to my portfolio. A year ago when I paid $300 for the “storage rebellion course” I had people tell me “I was completely crazy for spending money on this.” My response to them was “people spend a lot more money to go to college which I never did” I couldn’t be more grateful to find Mike and the storage rebellion group, not only has the course allowed me to scale quickly but also has opened my eyes up to some other really great entrepreneurs and connections to the industry. I will forever be grateful to stumble upon this great group of people and I couldn’t be more fired up to be off and running in this business.” - John

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Meet Mike Wagner
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I believe that true happiness is achieved when we spend our time and money in a way that is in alignment with our deepest values. Sadly, most Americans spend the vast majority of their time doing things they merely tolerate just to make ends meet so they don't have the chance to live those values out the way they would like to. Said another way, many of us survive instead of thrive. And even those that are getting ahead, could likely do so much faster if they just had the right support. Providing that support is what I have been called to do. Even before I achieved it for myself, I knew that Financial Freedom was not as hard to come by as most people think it is. I also knew that if I could find a way to achieve it, I would be able to help others do the same!


I am so incredibly grateful for the life I have today. I no longer worry about a work week, or struggle to pay bills.  I spend my time doing the things that I love with people that I love as well as working on becoming the best version of myself (this parts harder than I care to admit:). I believe very strongly in the idea of Stewardship. That is to say that none of the blessings in my life are mine to keep. I have simply been trusted with them and it is my responsibility to share them with others. As such, my daily objective is to be a conduit for these countless blessings. Whether we are talking about time, money, resources, love, kindness, or knowledge; I welcome them into my life and seek to amplify and share them with others. In doing so, I believe that I am honoring God's call on my life!


My goal with The Storage Rebellion is to show people how to Use Ordinary Garages to Create Extraordinary Lives. That's why I created this movement and I would be honored to play a role in your Self Storage Education and beyond!

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