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Paper Abstract


What is the Storage Rebellion? We are a group of elite self storage investors who believe in challenging the status quo and taking control of our destiny. We believe it's unacceptable to work 40-60 hours per week in hopes of one day buying our freedom back. We believe life is too short to worry about paying bills and not being able to provide for our family. We are a growing group of active and aspiring self storage investors, who use Ordinary Garages to Create Extraordinary Lives. We achieve the kind of financial freedom that most people think is impossible to achieve. By doing so, we set ourselves free. We're able spend our most precious resource...our time...doing the things that bring us the most joy, allow us to have the greatest impact on the people we love and experience true fulfillment on a daily basis!


My goal, as the leader of this incredible Community, is to give you an opportunity to live life on your terms. I want to share with you the step by step formula I used to create an extraordinary life through self storage investing. I believe we all (AND yes, that includes YOU!) deserve the freedom to decide how we spend our time each day. Storage has given me that opportunity, and I'd love to share how it can do the same for you. I'm here to educate, encourage and empower you so that you can find success, happiness and fulfillment.


I also know that the fastest way to success is never with a one size fits all approach.  Everyone who finds the Storage Rebellion is at a different point along their storage journey.  Some are just getting started in real estate altogether, others have a bit of experience and some have been performing at a very high level for a long time but find themselves working harder than they hoped.  Its easy to think that achievement is the best measure of success but its not. Fulfillment is! And while fulfillment does require achievement, too many of us forget (myself included at times) that achievement alone doesn't guarantee happiness or fulfillment.  


The Storage Rebellion is about so much more than just Nuts and Bolts Storage Education. Education is a critical ingredient and it cannot be ignored. And we provide that education to everyone who joins our community. Simply put, Education is often the FIRST ingredient we need to create an Extraordinary life. But it's not the only ingredient! And that's why The Storage Rebellion was built around a Community that was intentionally designed to support, encourage and empower you to become the best version of yourself.


By helping people achieve financial security and freedom through self storage investing, we help people create the space in their life to pursue what really matters! Our Community provides people with the opportunity to achieve financial freedom, the support they need to design their ideal life, and equips them with the tools needed to pursue that life. Tools only work if you pick them up though. So the question becomes, will you do what's needed to regain your freedom?


If you're feeling trapped, overwhelmed, and looking for a new way forward; this could be the answer to your prayers. Or maybe you're doing pretty well right now but find yourself thinking that “there's got to be more to all this?” Either way, we are here to guide you, and provide you with perfect amount of education, encouragement and empowerment that allow you to once again (or maybe for the first time) live life on your terms.


''I am incredibly grateful for the life I live, and thankful I found this opportunity almost 10 years ago. Storage investing has changed my life in ways that I can't fully explain. It's been a journey for me, I've learned a lot, and I want people to understand, I'm not special. Anyone can accomplish this if they're willing to learn and are committed to making a change.''


- Mike Wagner

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